Inspiration can come in a few different forms. It can be a spark or idea that comes to the mind after observing, reading or feeling someone else’s work that causes the mind to think in a different way which is passive. Or it can be the act of creating new ways of thinking or doing things, making mistakes and retrying and then applying the successful new of doing things to your life. 

To quote New York Times columnist David Brooks, “There’s a thrilling feeling of elevation, a burst of energy, an awareness of enlarged possibilities. The person in the grip of inspiration has received, as if by magic, some new perception, some holistic understanding, along with the feeling that she is capable of more than she thought.” I feel like he hit the nail on the head. Whichever way inspiration comes, it can truly feel magical. 

Please check back each month to see colors, places, people and things that have inspired my cultivated living.