Years ago, in another lifetime when I lived in Los Angeles, I had a custom gift company called Present Perfect. My customers primarily consisted of individuals from the Entertainment Industry, and it was great fun shopping for and creating gifts for the recipients. I had a knack for picking just the right gift, but truth be told, when I first started, I was horrible at gift wrapping! And because I was working for some of the most discerning clients who demanded perfection in every sense, I would take any boxes that needed wrapping to a local party store so they could be expertly wrapped. It certainly shaved a few dollars off my profit, but it was worth. That is until one day, the top “expert wrapper” asked if I wanted to attend her gift-wrapping course – I kid you not! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but of course I signed up immediately. Two weeks later, after four hours of wrapping boxes of all shapes and sizes and tying countless bows in different colors and textures, I finally learned the tricks of the trade – and how to wrap like a pro.

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