Winter months can be tough on the hair given the colder weather and dry air, causing hair to become dry, brittle or frizzy. But the good news is, there are ways to keep your hair happy and healthy during the winter season.

Rabih Fakhoury, Creative Director of Maison D’Alexandre in Greenwich, CT, shares his advice and the following products to help nourish and restore dry and damaged hair.

1. Eat Well – Nutrients in foods like salmon, avocado, spinach & eggs promote healthy hair.
2. Not So Hot! – Use a lower water temperature in the shower to combat dryness.
3. Avoid Frequent Washing – Shampooing every day strips your hair of natural oils.
4. Use a Humidifier – Adding moisture to your home with help both your hair and skin.
5. Make time for Hair Masks – Masks help nourish and repair hair’s protective barrier.


As Creative Director of Maison D’Alexandre in Greenwich, CT, Rabih describes himself as “not a by-the-book hairdressing guru. He began his training in hairstyle at the Academie Alexandre de Paris where he specialized in cutting and style technique and went on to train at several renown academies in Paris where he perfected his craft and the skill to treat any hair type. He blends imagination and customization, mixing styles best fit for his client’s personality and lifestyle. He has worked with clients and fashion elites internationally, bringing a wealth of expertise, innovation and precision.