As we begin the New Year, many of us make resolutions, set goals and create new healthy habits. Self-care should top the list as we’ve learned over the past few years several that a wellness routine it is no longer an option but a necessity. Slowing down and taking care of ourselves helps us recharge and maintain our vitality. Home is where we feel most safe and comfortable. Creating a home spa allows your home to become a sanctuary for your body and soul.

A home spa is easy to set up and one that can be added to over time. The more you incorporate the following simple steps into your daily life, the more refreshed you will be. Feel free to choose whichever steps you like and do those that fit into your schedule and comfort level.

1. Creating your Spa:

Choose any space in your home where you can truly relax and escape. You may want to start in the bathroom with a luxurious, relaxing bath and then move to your bedroom to breathe, meditate and lose yourself in the sounds of nature. Whatever you decide, be sure to clear your spaces so they are uncluttered, clean and sacred for your spa retreat.

2. Spa Essentials:

As you develop your home spa environment, you can incorporate any and all of the following items for the ultimate in relaxation. Robe, slippers, clean warm towels, dry brush, face mask, body scrub, moisturizing lotion, candles, scented essential oils, relaxing music or sounds of nature.

3. Escape:

Before you begin your spa routine, make sure you have everything you need to enable the most relaxing experience. Block time for yourself, unplug and disconnect so you can truly unwind without distraction or interruption.

4. Declutter Your Mind:

When your mind is cluttered, you become distracted and not present. By letting go of ‘clutter’ through meditating and breathing, you release the negative, destructive energy. You can practice becoming more intentional about your thoughts the more you let go. Try meditation apps or simply listening to relaxing music and sounds of nature.

5. Re-entry:

Allow yourself time to re-enter your world. Become aware of your body, allowing yourself to slowly stretch and breathe. Breathing helps bring oxygen flow to the body and brain, which is invigorating. Drink plenty of fluids to release toxins and mark your calendar for your next session.

Be well