When organizing a party, whether it be a small dinner with friends, a child’s birthday or a sizeable soirée, there are always several considerations to make during the planning process, which help to create a successful, fun gathering. Whether lavish or simple, here are some tips when preparing:

1. Occasion for the Event: 

Is it a birthday party or intimate gathering? Determining the occasion will help decide important factors such as guest list, mood and budget.

2. Choose a theme:

Once a theme has been established, you can then narrow down choices for music, décor, gift bags, food etc.

3. Season: 

Weather and seasonal trends play a big role in party preparation, especially when planning in advance. 

4. Color Scheme:

Choosing colors to work into your theme will tie all the loose ends together making your party looked polished and well thought out.

5. Food & Drink:

This category is largely determined by whether your party is simple or festive, a cocktail party, buffet or a seated dinner. Be sure to plan accordingly.