Affectionately known as the Eternal City, Rome is known for its incredible architecture – in particular, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. This captivating city is a romantic mix of tradition, food, culture and nightlife a perfect blend of history and the modern world. Ancient Romans created a dynamic civilization that ruled much of Europe for nearly 1000 years, its influence of systems and structures still seen not only in present day Rome but throughout Italy and the Western world today. The capital of Italy, Rome is an exciting destination with so much to offer, from food and wine to art, history, shopping and more.


Pierluigi Located in a quiet square with outdoor seating, this exquisite seafood restaurant offers an elegant historical setting for both locals and visitors in search of an exceptional dining experience.

Felice Situated in Testaccio – a Roman neighborhood with a small-town yet hip feel, this traditional trattoria offers the true pastas and flavors of Rome, which they have been serving since 1936. A must for foodies looking for a excellent Roman fare.

Ristorante Camponeschi In the center of Rome within Piazza Farnese, just behind the bustle of Piazza Navona, you will find this refined, romantic gem of a restaurant known for its excellent cuisine.

Terrazza Borromini Set atop a 17th century Borromini-designed historic building, now the Eitch Borromini Hotel, overlooking Piazza Navona, this terrace bar and restaurant offers an incredible 360 degree view of Rome. This hidden jewel, also known as La Grande Bellezza, is available for refined cocktails and fine dining. A perfect opportunity to view the city without the crowds!

Ciampini Bistrot This classically elegant bistro is an ideal spot for a cappuccino, lunch, Aperitivo or dinner. It’s also a popular scene for locals as is their gelateria just a few steps down the street. Located in the center of Rome, it’s a perfect spot in between shopping or sightseeing.


Cooking ClassesWhether it be in a beautiful kitchen in a historic location, the market in Campo dei Fiori, the Pope’s Garden or the Appian Way, you can learn to cook and food shop like a true Italian with one of the wonderful cooking class options in Rome.

My favorite are: InRomeCooking and Pasta Factory Cooking Classes.

Colosseum & Forum A visit to the amphitheater and the surrounding ruins of the Forum are a must while in Rome.

Vatican Citya city state situated on 109 acres surrounded by Rome, it is an area designed to give the Pope authority to exercise his authority. Within the city you will find the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

Gianicolo Hill – for a unparalleled bird’s eye view of the city you must visit Gianicolo.

FregeneOnly 30 minutes outside of Rome, this seaside village offers a large beachfront dotted with former fishing shacks turned into casual chic restaurants and waterfront rentals.



Rome offers a world of shopping in virtually every neighborhood of the city. From vintage pieces to artisan collections to high-end name brand stores, you will find it all. From Via Dei Condotti to Via Del Corso to La Rinascente Rome’s premier shopping mall – you can find quality clothing, leather goods, food, shoes, accessories and more.

Cocktails & Nightlife

Via Giuglia – perhaps one of the most beautiful streets in Rome, it’s well worth stopping to sip an Aperitivo while taking in the beautiful architecture and history surroundings.

Up Sunset Bar @ La Rinascente – on top of the Rinascente sits a rooftop terrace bar where you can arrive upon opening in the morning for a cappuccino to an Aperitivo in the evening, taking in a gorgeous view of Rome.

Harry’s Bar – this legendary watering hole and restaurant has quite a history and is a favorite with both locals and seasoned travelers. Their signature cocktails are unmatched.

Il Lungho Tevere – Since 2003 Rome has been hosting this summer festival along the banks of the Tiber River where you will find white tents dotting the lower walking path with markets, bars, restaurants, music and culture. It’s a lively nightlife event running from June through September that is suitable for all ages.