May is the third and last month of spring , a time for celebrations and traditions around the world that include May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Labor Day, during the calendric period where temperatures and warming, flowers are blooming , and summer is just beginning. May is named for the Greek goddess Maia, which means great or mother in Greek mythology and symbolizes fertility. It’s no wonder that Mother’s Day is celebrated by so many countries during this bountiful month.

There are so many reasons and opportunities to celebrate this month – enjoy the last days of the season!

Cultivated Culture:

Mother’s Day Around the World

Sweden – ‘Mors Dag’ is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month when fresh flowers are available, so everyone has a chance to create a bouquet.
Italy – Celebrations for ‘La Festsa della Mamma’are simple with family gatherings, food, handwritten poetry, gifts and flowers.
France – Flower bouquet shaped cakes are presented to ‘maman’ on ‘LaFête des Mères’.
Japan – Children draw portraits of their mothers and present pink and red carnations, symbolizing the gentle strength of the mother on ‘Haha No Hi’.
Middle East–In the Arab world, all motherly figures are celebrated on ‘يوماألم‘, including teachers. Children kiss their mother’s hands to show love and affection as well as giving gifts.